How to choose the best fitting panties for you

Why are fitting panties so important

As a woman, you have probably struggled in the past with choosing the right fit for your underwear. The best fitting panty should let you feel 100% comfortable, and allow your skin to breathe perfectly, while still shaping your lower body nicely.

Choosing underwear that does not fit perfectly can greatly affect your overall well-being and, in some cases, even your health. If the panties you wear are too loose, they will feel very uncomfortable and might even be visible through some tighter-fit clothing, such as dresses and skirts. If they are too tight, not only are they bad for comfort, but they can inhibit blood circulation, cause skin irritations in the area and even affect nerve endings.

How to choose better fitting panties

If you are looking to buy panties that fit you perfectly, the most important thing to keep in mind is size. To know your size, first, you should take some body measurements, specifically hips and waist measurements. You might notice sometimes that your measurements correspond to more than one size, depending on the source of the conversion chart: in that case, it is recommended to go for the bigger size, as it is more likely to fit comfortably.

When you try on new panties, you also need to look out for any skin bulges created by the underwear. Even if the size corresponds to your measurements, if the pair of panties creates such bulges on your skin it is proof that it is not a good fit, and it will not be comfortable in the long run.

Tips for extra comfort

When choosing fitting panties, there are a couple more things a woman should look out for.

A very important element is the fabric which the panties are made of. For a tighter fit, you should look for products made from fabric that is stretchy, but not too tight. Even more, it is recommended that you go for panties whose crotch area is made from cotton: cotton is incredibly comfortable, it lets the skin breathe and it doesn’t irritate.

Another feature you should keep in mind is the seams on the fabric. Usually, seamless panties are more comfortable, and they can help keep your desired shape by fitting right on the body, instead of creating extra skin bulges.

Lastly, you should always make sure to buy panties that feel comfortable around the elastic bands. Most of the time, you will find elastic bands around the waist, and around the legs. You need to make sure the elastic isn’t too tight and doesn’t sink too deeply into the skin, as it will leave red marks and can potentially block blood circulation in the area. Even more, when wearing a pair of panties, if the elastic band tends to roll over instead of staying in place, it means you need to buy a bigger size, to get a better fit and avoid discomfort.

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