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Bronzing up With Indoor Tanning Lotion Guide

Indoor tanning basically involves achieving a newer skin look by use of ultraviolet rays emitted from a tanning device. Its close counterpart is sun tanning. Depending on your needs and agility, you can go with whichever tanning works for you.

But not so fast, tanning is a controversial issue citing rising concerns about carcinogenic infections. Whereas tanning will help improve your skin look, you also need to be aware of the risks that come with it.

With indoor tanning, you need a skin lotion that will protect you from the side effects of the tanning device. The same way doing sun tanning exposes you to sun burns, doing indoor tanning without an appropriate lotion exposes you to cancerous effects.

Before we take a look at these lotions, here are some of the reasons as to why one might consider indoor tanning;

  • To improve skin texture.
  • To keep tattoos from fading.
  • To maintain a healthy looking skin.

Tanning lotions are made mimic the way your skin tans while you are in the sun. This is meant to replicate the same conditions in sun tanning. If you are the reluctant type, indoor tanning might well work for you. Here are some important factors to put into consideration before acquiring an indoor tanning lotion.

Skin Type

We all agree that not everyone has the same skin, some are dark, some are light and well some are extra light. Tanning is not for everyone.

It is also important to point that different skin types react differently to different skin products. Some people experience allergic reactions to some products. So, clearly read the ingredients contained in your tanning lotion before you acquire one, this will aid in bringing out the best out of your indoor tanning sessions.

Bronzers or Not

Well as they sound, shiny or not. These are basically spray tan ingredients that give you a quick color boost. They vary in different tanning lotions. So, before you embark on your indoor tanning journey, you need to determine if you need bronzers or not. They come in varying levels in different lotions. There are those that work quickly and those that work slowly, the choice is yours.


This should probably be your first consideration. There are lotions of varied prices in the market right now. There are the cheap ones and of course the luxury ones. For a better tan, it is recommended that you compare cost against the quality of the tanning lotion you want or else you may end up with the wrong indoor tanning experience.


Despite all the controversies that have been raised against indoor tanning, indoor tanning still remains one of the fastest ways to boost skin color. If we compare sun tanning against indoor tanning, we find that indoor tanning is more appropriate because it eliminates the limitation of skin burns. However, careful considerations concerning acquisition of tanning products should be carefully made for the best tanning experience.Doing so will automatically give you value for your money, something every customer looks forward to.