Going Camping With Your Partner, Here’s What You Need

We all define romance differently, just as we can’t define love the same way. But no matter how you define romance, you can’t argue with the fact that going camping with your partner can be spontaneous, wild, fun and romantic.

Although you have to sell some partners on the idea, some are generally always open to it. Camping in all the natural wonders of the earth can be quite the spark your relationship needs. It is refreshing and offers a different experience from potentially touring and sightseeing.

Camping with partners especially first-time campers are rarely without little hicks. They, however, shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do and need.

Here are essential camping kits and products needed for camping with your partner or lover.

  1. Dome or pop up the tent. This serves as your shelter.
  2. First aid kits. Accidents happen anywhere, so why not prepare? Bumps, scratches, cuts or bumps are a regular camping occurrence.
  3. Ropes. They have many uses at a campsite, from making clothing lines to creating shelter and even towing people out of tight situations, never go camping without ropes.
  4. Tarps. Whether to protect the bottom of your tent or as an extra shelter, tarps are highly essential.
  5. Insect repellent. You are heading for the wild full of critters, insect repellent is also essential.
  6. Portable outdoor lantern or headlamp. You would need to illuminate in the dark, lanterns and headlamps ensure that you do that conveniently.
  7. Portable camping stoves and matches. Share the experience of cooking together with stoves.
  8. Camping chairs. If you can fit one in, you should take a camping chair. Unless you are comfortable sitting on the floor always.
  9. Double Sleeping bags. Double sleeping bags are highly essential as you can cuddle and still be comfortable. Here are the top 10 best sleeping bags.
  10. Pocket Knife. Never go camping without a pocket knife, it takes up zero space.
  11. Alternate weather wear. The weather can be tricky, pack up just in case.

Still not sold on the idea of camping? You should check out these cool reasons why you should.

• The Best Escape From Your Real Lives.

For all the good done by date nights, weekend trips, tours, or even lazy days in bed. We never really escape our real live stressors; we’re always one call or message away from reverting to bad habits. Why not unplug somewhere call service isn’t an option?

• Get Closer By Working As A Team

Believe it or not, going camping with a partner builds a trust bond and togetherness between you two. At home, the lady is probably in charge of the meals and cleanliness whilst during date nights, the man is probably in control. Camping offers something different, you tend to do everything together as a team.

• It Can Be A Budget-Friendly Vacation

Can’t afford a real vacation with the all-in inclusive resorts and fancy places at the moment? Going camping might just be the budget-friendly, fun vacation you’ve been looking for. With just a few borrowed or owned gears, you are set for a fun and adventure-filled vacation. And you don’t even have to break the bank.

• Learn To Appreciate The Simple Things

In the real world with all its complexities and distractions, it’s hard to appreciate the simple aspects of life.

• Away From The Distractions Of The Real World, You’ll Fall In Love With Each Other All Over Again

There is no work, mobile phones or even cable to distract you. In the wild, you have only two jobs; enjoy the natural wonder and communicate with each other.